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CBD Oil Buying Basics for 2020

Since our initial launch in 2016, cannabidiol (CBD) dog treatsCBD oil for dogs, has gone through numerous significant transformations. The oil has improved dramatically from its purification process. CBD oil manufacturers are producing cleaner and more varied forms of CBD through advanced extraction technology.

As the industry matures, there is a need to address the growing questions and concerns of increasingly sophisticated consumers.  Right now, consumers are seeing “full spectrum”, “broad spectrum” and “CBD isolate”. What does this all mean? Here’s a quick breakdown of the various types of oil presently on the market.

What are the types and differences?

What is Full Spectrum CBD Oil? Full spectrum CBD oil is the extraction of oil from the entire plant along with all its 100+ other naturally occurring cannabinoid profiles.  This includes the famous tetrahydrocannabidiol or THC. THC is the most famous of all the cannabinoids due to its well known psychoactive effects. Therefore, the next follow up question would be…Is it legal? The answer is yes. In 2018 the Farm Bill was passed legalizing CBD full spectrum products if the product contain less than .03 percent THC per dry weight. This is why you can buy CBD online.

Will your dog get high? The short answer is, NO. There is not enough THC content in the industrial hemp plant to cause any psychoactive effects.

What is Broad Spectrum CBD Oil? Broad Spectrum oil contains all the same cannabinoid whole plant profile as full spectrum, minus the THC. This type of oil is a bit more costly than the full spectrum version since it uses newer technology.

What is CBD Isolate? This is a much more refined process where all the terpene and cannabinoid profiles are removed with the exception of CBD. It is the newest technology and is the most costly of the three. Typically mints, tablets and powders would fall into this category. Meanwhile, some people report not having the same effects as when a full spectrum oil is used.

One Caveat

The cannabis plant is part of nature, and nature itself is known to produce a vast array of variations and this plant is not exempt. Despite genetic manipulation, each mother plant that is selected by the harvester/ grower/ and extraction specialist who views this is their “special recipe” of cannabinoid and terpene profiles, and why they believe this is “the best” plant recipe.  No two are alike. This is why when you purchase oil or dog treats with CDB oil oil, it will differ from one vendor to another, and the effects are not all the same. Some work better on your pet than others. Therefore, think of it as Advil working better on you as a fever reducer, versus Tylenol which perhaps works better for you to rid a headache. Both work, but one works better than the other for different ailments, or perhaps one just works better period.

Which CBD is better?

There really is no cut and dry answer to this, much like Tylenol versus Advil. So, it really boils down to the pet owner’s preference and the pet’s needs. And lastly, how well it works to mitigate your pet’s condition.

Nature is a very powerful healer. We at Bark Avenue Hemp Treats believe in using a full spectrum or broad spectrum CBD oil for your pet. Our infused dog treats create an “Entourage Effect” which is a beneficial domino effect when all the cannabinoid and terepene profiles are combined like nature intended. CBD isolate does not have this and we believe henceforth that it full spectrum delivers the best overall healing benefits.

Understandably, some pet owners are wary about giving any amount of THC to their pets, even such a trace amount. Or perhaps, the production process for oil extractors may not be reliable that their THC levels remain within the low legal threshold. Hence, this is where third party test results come in, so do not hesitate to ask for the third party test results to ensure that the trace amounts are truly trace amounts.

What Does the Future of CBD Hold?

We are predicting all this new technology will create more designer CBD strains. In the future there will be with higher levels of CBG’s and CBN’s, etc. Watch for a follow up article on this subject. So, rest assured rest assured as the technology grows and the market matures, along with more innovative extraction technology, there will be more variations and varieties of dog treats with CBD oil on the market, just like dog breeds!

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