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Dog Treat Recipes with CBD Oil

This dog treat recipes with CBD oil is not only all-natural, but healthy for your pup and with no artificial flavors, fillings or anything you and I don’t eat on a regular basis. The best part about this pumpkin dog treats recipe is that it not only is it a great way on how to treat a limping dog at home, but for when you cry out, “My dog’s breath stinks!”

Old age also is a large contributing factor to the bad breath of our dogs. Simply put, because we don’t brush our dog’s teeth everyday like we do. Nor do they gargle with mouthwash or floss daily. So, all these preventative human measure for clean oral hygiene is just not done on a daily basis for our pets. Our only recourse is to implement as many bad breath preventative measures that we can for the life of our pets.

This dog treat recipes is perfect for that dog won’t eat his food but will eat treat, and gives him the double functional aspect of helping them with the benefits of CBD and for his bad breath!

How Much CBD Oil Should I Give My Dog?

We recommend a starting point of 1-2 mg of CBD per ten pounds of dog. This depends heavily on his age, size and overall condition and the purpose that you are using it for. Unfortunately, there is no magic number set in stone number that works for everyone at all times. It will be a journey of trail and error, but our guidelines are a good place to start.

For instance, you have a 10-12 pound Shitzu who is 14 years old with terrible arthritis but no other issues. You may want to give him 1 treat per serving, three times a day to start, for about a week because you need to build up the levels in his system. You start to notice a positive change in his behavior since his pain levels have gone down. So now, you can then give him a treat twice a day and continue monitoring his behavior.

We suggest not less than a twice a day, and up to four times a day for the number of dosing sessions, so your pet can reap the healing benefit of the CBD oil and manage his pain levels.

If you went on a hike or long walk the day before and notice he is a bit achy like us humans can be at times, then give him an extra dose. It is important to constantly monitor your pet’s behavior because you know him best.

Eventually, you will figure out his sweet spot for how much and when he needs it. Best of all, when you make CBD dog treat recipes at home, you have full control of the dog treat recipes.

You will need the following tools:

Digital scale that measures in grams

1-5 ml Plastic Syringes – ask your vet or pharmacist for free or purchase online



Rolling Pin

Cookie Cutter

Baking Tray

Parchment Paper

Breath of Fresh Air – 2 milligram of CBD per treat Makes approx. 50 pieces

400 g Whole Wheat Flour

230 g Pumpkin Puree – NOT filling

2 Large Eggs

115 g of Apple – Grated

18 g of Mint Leaves – Fresh

9 g of Parsley

Lemon juice of half a lemon

6 ml CBD oil based on a 3000 mg 60 ml solution*

*to increase the milligram of CBD to 4 mg per treat, add 12 ml of oil, OR make sure to use a cookie cutter that will cut a 12-13 g dog treat and so forth.


  1. Add all wet ingredients to the mixing bowl with the paddle attachment. Combine.
  2. Switch to the dough hook attachment and add the flour.
  3. Mix until all the ingredients come together.
  4. Wrap in plastic wrap and let rest for 2 hours, overnight is better.
  5. Preheat oven to 350*F.
  6. Roll out dough onto floured surface and roll to ¼’ thickness.*
  7. Line a baking tray with parchment paper.
  8. Bake for 25-30 minutes until edges are golden brown.
  9. Cool completely or leave on counter overnight to further dry.
  10. Refrigerate in a re-sealable baggie.

*know your cutter and check with scale because this is imperative to knowing how much CBD you are giving your pet

You can watch the video How to Make Dog Treats with CBD Oil

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