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How to Make Dog Treats with CBD Oil

How to Make CBD Dog Treats


How to Make Dog Treats with CBD Oil

Welcome to The Baked Dogs by Bark Avenue. Today we are going to learn how to make dog treats with CBD oil called Breath of Fresh Air. Each cookie is going to be one milligram of CBD per cookie.


We normally would recommend a starting point of one cookie for about every 10 pounds of dog. So, you may need anywhere from about one to four treats per serving, 2-3x a day depending on your dog’s age, weight, and condition. We also suggest that you observe the behaviour and response of your pet to determine the ideal serving size and frequency.

Equipment Needed

You will need some specialty items here. First of all, we’re going to need syringes, I recommend one ml syringe, a three ml syringe and or a five ml syringe. You will need a digital scale something like this. If it can actually can even read 1/10 of a gram that would even be get better. But that would be more or less like lab scale. But if not, you know any household digital scale fine.

Here is a sample of a five ml syringe. And then this is a one ml but the graduations on this is actually runs at point two ml. This one is a disposable plastic one. And this one you can actually just buy from a medical supply store. The graduations on this are really point one ml. If you have any questions about actually using or understanding gratulations I highly suggest that you go to your vet or medical professional, and ask them, “What is 2.43 ml?” My vet showed me how to use these syringes and was more than happy to help out.

And another little tip is, the reason I also like to use the glass syringes is one, at least it’s more environmentally friendly. Number two, most of the syringes that you purchase out there are going to have black stoppers or black plungers. And it’s going be very difficult to see the very small graduations where you’ve got black oil leaving the black stopper. So, but with the glass syringes, you’re going see exactly where the dose starts and stops.

**Since CBD oil has improved considerable compared to when we shot this video, you won’t have the issues with black oil and black syringe stoppers impeding your vision.

You can also find disposable ones like this with a cap, which is also kind of great, and plunger itself is white. So, it is a lot easier to see. So, my suggestion is, find glass ones which are pretty cheap, and you can just buy them online. Or else if you go to a medical store, or ask your vet for some free ones. You can just buy these disposable ones which also come in different ml sizes.

Storage and Accessing Your CBD Oil

For the purpose of our demo today, we are actually going to be using a 60 ml bottle, which is about is 3000 milligrams of dose (CBD) for that 60 ml bottle. I also recommend when you store your oil that it should be stored in glass. Number two, if you can get find one that’s wider with a wide mouth, low sides, or even if it’s like a dark glass, that would be even better.

And I also suggest that you store this in the refrigerator. It’s important whenever you’re dosing to know your solution. This is why I was telling you today that our solution is 60 ml with 3000 milligrams of CBD dose. You also be getting recipe at the end of this whole segment. So, you know don’t stress about having to try and keep up, it will all be all written down for you at the end of this.

I wanted to make a special note that for your scale, and for all your measurements, we are going to be using everything in grams. It’s simply because it’s a smaller unit of measure. And it also has less room for error.


Some of the ingredients that we’re going to be meeting today are 30 grams of pumpkin puree, not the filling. It’s going to be something like this where it says it’s solid pack. Pumpkin filling has sugar and all this other stuff that you would normally use for pumpkin pie. Just all 100% pure pumpkin.  Make sure when you do purchase it, look at the ingredients and it’s just going to have to say 100% pumpkin.

We’re also going to need two eggs, or more or less 126 grams worth of eggs, a 400 grams of whole wheat flour or you know stone ground is fine as well and 115 grams of grated apple, any kind of apple is fine.

I personally like using Fujis; and 18 grams of fresh mint leaves; and nine grams of fresh parsley as well. Both of those are going to have to be finely chopped and the juice of about a half a lemon or even just a juice from a wedge is fine.


Most importantly we’re going need about three millilitres of CBD oil. So, we’re going put all our ingredients into this mixing bowl right now and we’re going to be using the paddle attachment. In goes the pumpkin puree and the eggs, and you’re going want to use the paddle on this. Low speed until it’s pretty much incorporated. You may want to take your lemon wedge and squeeze some of that lemon into the grated apples so that it doesn’t oxidize and turn brown. So, it’s also easier to keep. Now give it a nice little mix.

Now that we’ve got the pumpkin in the egg mix fairly well. I suggest that this is the time where you put in your oil. So now that we’ve got our three ml here, you just want to shoot it right into the bowl so that all your liquids are going to be going into one spot and then you want to make sure to give it a nice mix again.

I would add the rest of the apples, then the mint leaves. Give it a nice mix. Now that your wet ingredients are mixed properly, switch out to the dough hook. This is actually your dough hook in your attachment for your mixer.

This is your 400 grams of flour. Put the attachment on and you want to put all your wet ingredients to the dry ingredients.

You’re going to want to make sure to get every little bit of the wet ingredients out of your bowl because that’s where all your doses get.

Okay, so now that we have the dough hook attachment, you want to put it on slow speeds or first speed. And want to also make sure they scrape down the bowl really well even though these plenary mixers have a good rotation, you’re going to see a lot of flour sometimes on the side. You want to get in there and make sure that all that flour gets incorporated without actually having to overwork your dough.

Something to look out for. Don’t be afraid to scrape down your bowl about you know several times if you have to just to make sure all that flour is incorporated, and once you start to see that the dough starts to come together and it’s starting to pull off the sides of the bowl and forms a ball of dough. You know that it’s time that you can take it off the machine.

So at this point, we are going to stow this dough for I would say at least a couple of hours, overnight would actually be much better so that the dough has time to relax so that when you do roll it out it’s not going to have that snap back. When dough is overworked because of the gluten stands that were activated from the mixing.

Now that our dose has been chilled, I suggest that you just purchase a pastry of cloth like this. Granite and rolling pins don’t make the best bedfellows. If you do actually have a workbench that is wood, then by all means, you’re probably not going to need a pastry cloth anyway. Make sure to flour your pastry cloth well.

Rolling and Cutting the Biscuits

You can just pick these up at any Walmart or just even online. So, this is our chilled dough. Okay, so just be gentle when you roll out the dough. You don’t have to work it hard you don’t have to push it. Just let the rolling pin do all the work for you. And make sure that you do turn your dough every now and then to make sure that it doesn’t stick.

And if you just need a little bit more flour, you know, go ahead, and put some on there. And you want to check the thickness of your doughs constantly, to make sure that you’re rolling everything out in an even thickness because this is actually what is also going to affect your dosing.

So, you’re also going to need a cutter this one is just like kind of a mini bone size. So that’s why it’s only one milligram per dose. So, it’s easier to manage and dose your animal.

But you have to know your cutter and know what thickness and weight it cuts at but you actually ultimately will be in charge of that at the end of the day. So, but for our purposes for this video, we are going to choose a weight of about six grams.

So, this is why I’m saying know your cutter and know the weight at which your cutter cuts and the thickness of your dough. The only way you’re going to be able to master this is really, sorry practice makes perfect. So, I also suggest that you have a scale nearby. So, I usually like to check the thickness of my dough and see how that is how that’s doing in relation to my cutter

I will make the first cut. There you go six grams. Now you know get your sheet pan with your parchment paper and just start cutting your bones.

A nice little tip is to make sure that you try and cut your bones as close together as possible so that you don’t waste any of the rolled out dough. So at least your production is a little bit more efficient.


Now that we’ve trayed up cookies, our oven was already pre-set at 350. So, these are going to bake for about 25 to 30 minutes you can just check for a little bit of the golden browning in the corners or else you know pick up the cookie to see if it’s golden brown and that’s when you know it’s done.

So here we have our nice dish. We have plated up just for your puppy, make it pretty for him and then we’ll take a little snippet here of garnish. So here you go, how to make dog treats with CBD oil: Breath of Fresh Air dog treats. Hope you guys enjoy it.

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