Can CBD Oil Treat Dog Cancer?

Can CBD Oil Treat Dog Cancer? 

Why CBD may help treat dog cancer

By Riya S. September 18, 2019

Can CBD Oil Treat Dog Cancer with CBD for pets, Can CBD Oil Treat Dog Cancer?

Being a life-threatening malady, Cancer brings an extremely painful experience to the sufferer. You never know whom it makes its next prey and when it comes to our endearing pets, especially dogs, we all must be very proactive to understand the symptoms and get them appropriate treatment at the earliest. The cancerous cells affect the physical and mental energy of the dogs. Fortunately, there are treatments for cancer if it is diagnosed at an early stage. 


CBD’s Growing Popularity


Cannabidiol, aka CBD, is going to be a big craze with its multitude of applications on mammals, both, mentally and physically. Even though several CBD brands selling CBD products claiming large scale benefits. But, we have to admit that the research and reviews on CBD’s potential in treating diseases is still at its infancy.

Although, no formal and complete research proves CBD to be a pretty beneficial remedy for dogs but there is anecdotal evidence that can lead to the conclusion that CBD is a salubrious treatment for dogs with cancer. Let me resolve the scientific complexities and uncertainties to throw light on a particular topic.


What Is CBD? 


CBD is no longer unfamiliar as it is used for treating several issues on different afflictions. Still, many are not sure what this avatar is all about. CBD is one of the compounds found in cannabis and hemp. Wherever you read about CBD, you can find a mention of THC as well. On one hand, THC is a psychoactive cannabis compound, on the other hand, CBD is not, meaning it does not make you high. 


Anecdotal Evidence For Potential Of CBD


No study has proved that CBD can cure cancer directly. Considering the ongoing in-depth research, we can put it this way: the day of confirming that CBD could cure cancer is near. Now, the credibility of CBD oil for dogs with cancer is pretty cloudy as many conclusions lack substantial scientific evidence. Above that, many studies leave us with a single option that is to consult with a veterinarian. At the same time, because of the political restrictions, vets cannot easily recommend CBD for pets.


Types of Dog Cancer and Possible CBD Remedies 


Like human beings, dogs also afflicted with various types of cancers. Cancerous cells attack in different ways with multiple symptoms. We can check some of the cancer types and how CBD can reduce the symptoms and pains.




Hemangiosarcoma is very notorious and known to be an inoperable tumor of cells that line blood vessels, called endothelial cells. Ab early-stage research points out that CBD causes vasorelaxation of human mesenteric arteries via activation of CB1 and TRP channels. 


Mast Cell Tumors


One of the increasing tumors that around 20% of the canine population is suffering from. The significance of this is that it affects the cells on the skin and provides with unbearable allergy. Commonly, allergy is the main illness many dogs go through. A recent study  points towards the capability of CBD oil to reduce the skin tumor as several skin tumors express both CB1 and CB2. The CBD oil reacts with the endocannabinoid system in the body and reduces the symptoms. 




Regardless of the age or breed, Lymphoma affects dogs terribly, and it results in swollen glands. These cancerous cells attack the lymph nodes. When it appears in the chest, it causes trouble breathing. A study suggests that the effect of CBD in some of the primary cells affected by Lymphoma resulted in the activation of caspase protein. In other words, it reduces cell death and inflammation. 




Osteosarcoma, aka bone cancer, is rampant in dogs, globally. It can result in the death of your loved pet in one year if it’s deprived of proper treatment. With the treatment, he/she can survive up to 5-6 years. Despite the lack of valid proof for tackling bone cancer in dogs, there is a positive result of the CBD effect on Osteoarthritis. Since it also affects the bones, the reduction of pain during bone cancer can be reduced by CBD oil.


Brain Tumor


A type of cancer that results in extreme behavioral changes like seizures. Dr. McGrath led a research on 16 pet dogs claims that CBD oil can help in the reduction of seizure frequency.


CBD Dosage for Dogs with Cancer


Regarding CBD and its treatment on the dog, one of the most asked questions is: ‘how much cbd oil should I give to my dog for cancer?’ Unfortunately, researchers and veterinarians do not have a substantial study of CBD dosage for pets. But studies confirm that CBD is better than THC when it comes to the application of overall application of cannabis. 


As cancer is not a heterogeneous disease, the dosage cannot be the same. The disease condition, breed, weight, and age of the dog determine the dosage. All these come in the first place even before you meet a veterinarian. Then, you can take the prescription from him. 


Future of CBD for Dogs with Cancer


Now, we have some anecdotes and incomplete researches on cbd for dog cancer is effective directly. The studies point toward the possibilities of its potential indirectly or along with other existing treatments. The nearest future will be witnessing more applications of CBD to lift cancer from dogs.

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