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What is CBD? What are the CBD Effects?

What is CBD? CBD is short for cannabidiol. It is a naturally occurring compound in the cannabis plant. There are over 100+ cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. It has been reported to have therapeutic benefits. CBD is derived from the hemp plant is is extracted from its leaves and flowers. This oil has been reported to have very positive effects in interacting with living beings with an endocannabinoid system. This system is in charge of balancing our bodies and putting it in a state of homeostasis.

This ECS system and the cannabinoids help regulate our moods, stress, pain sensors, bone health, appetite levels, gastrointestinal health, even healthy skin. This ECS system is found through out our bodies. Think of each of the organs down to the skin, having its own docking station full of receptors that the endocannabinoid system regulates. These cannabinoids attach themselves to these docking stations to give them a balancing charge. Our bodies naturally produce cannabinoids, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t receive an outside boost from the oils extracted from the cannabis plant. And this goes the same for your pet. We all have an endocannabinoid system, except for insects.

The CB’s or cannabinoids all have their own specific functions and what they do to help our bodies, like like worker bees with specific jobs. Click on this infographic explaining the CBD Oil Effects and how the various cannabinoids target in the body.

How to Buy CBD Oil?

Now that you have a better understanding of what CBD is and how it works in conjunction to our bodies, you may be wondering: How do I choose the right CBD for myself or for my pet?

We suggest following these guidelines. It won’t matter if the oil is for yourself or your pet. These tips will help you to choose the safest and best product for you both.

Do not price shop. Not all CBD is created equal. Don’t let other competitors fool you with their rock bottom prices. These are products that utilize unchecked foreign regulations for safety and compliance. US manufacturers have complete license and certification packets. Products are manufactured in FDA inspected facilities. Third party lab results are checked for potency, solvents, heavy metals, mycotoxins, pesticides, and a full terpene profile. You will be paying for quality.

Your Brand

When you find a brand that you like, stick with them. AFTER you have tried other brands. That manufacturer may have a mother plant whose terpene profile works better for you or your pet. Again– NOT all CBD is created equal. This time it is due to mother nature. She creates individual plants just as individual as you and I are. No two people are genetically alike except for twins. Plants are the same way. We suggest trying different brands to see how one brand works compared to another. Once you have done your own due diligence, then stick to your preferred brand.Don’t be afraid to ask the manufacturer questions directly about the safety of their manufacturing.

Here’s an example: Bark Avenue CBD dog treats are manufactured in an SQF3 facility. This is the highest food safety rating you can get as a supplier in the food industry. These are food safety systems based on HACCP principles that manage food safety risks and prevent contamination. Our oil comes for a vertically integrated manufacturer. Meaning, they are ones who do seed to sale.

What is seed to sale?

This means the CBD oil manufacturer grows, harvests, extracts, clones, and even tests all under one roof. No outsourcing. For instance, I am an extractor but I buy from several farmers to extract my oil, then I send it out to a lab to do testing. Not only is there a blind spot in the way you trust that your hemp farmer is doing things up to standard, despite all certifications; but one also doesn’t know if the product handling and testing in a lab was proper. Let’s face it, the less people handling things outside of your control, the less mistakes.

Bark Avenue understands this. And this is why we will be your dog food advisor for CBD treats, even if it’s not our own. Did you know that dosing is the most important piece of information to know for success in your pet’s health? Now you know.

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CBD Oil Benefits

Listed above is a CBD oil benefits list of the major cannabinoids that will help explain the benefits to any living thing with an endocannabinoid system.

Fun fact 1: All animals with the exception of insects have some form of internal cannabinoid system.

What’s an ECS system?

What is an endocannabinoid system (ECS)? It is a network of receptors that exist in the body that was discovered in the 90’s by researchers. CBD oil effects include regulating mood, appetite, pain, stress, inflammation and anxiety among other things. The ECS manages complex actions in our immune system, nervous system, and all of the body’s organs.

Dogs just like us have similar ECS systems like humans and this is why pharmaceutical companies often use them as test subjects. This handy guide will help explain what CBD can do for your beloved pet. Keep in mind that the THC components in this guide are controversial for animal use.

THC vs Hemp

There will be two types of product that can fall under the THC classification. For our peanut butter dog treats recipe, we use an industrial hemp derived CBD oil. This is where the THC or psychoactive content is .03% or less per dry weight. In short, it is high in CBD but with trace amounts of THC. This does not cause any psychoactive effects on the animal. This type of oil is also known as a full spectrum oil. It has all the benefits of the whole plant known as the “Entourage Effect”, minus the high. For the most part our tests register around half of the .03% threshold.

The second type of product you can buy that is .03% greater in THC, will be found in dispensaries. You cannot purchase this type of product online or in stores other than licensed dispensaries. We caution this usage and highly recommend veterinary advice when treating an animal where there are intoxicating effects involved. We would cautiously recommend this, except for animals that are perhaps at the end of life care, and comfort is the main goal. Again, consult your vet.

Fun fact 2: Did you know pigs have the most similar endocannabinoid system to humans?

What are cannabinoids?

What are cannabinoids or CBD’s? First, this is one word that will always be part of anyone who wishes to learn more about any form of cannabis usage. Secondly, they are chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant that interact with the ECS system that puts a physical body in homeostasis or in balance.

At present, science has discovered that there are about 113 cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. We have covered the major CBD oil benefits list for the major cannabinoids.


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Peanut Butter Dog Treats Recipe with CBD Oil

This is a delicious, easy to make peanut butter dog treats recipe with CBD Oil. You can use the CBD oil you have purchased online for both the human and animal labeling. They are one and the same.

You will just need to be aware of the milligrams per bottle and do your mathematical adjustments. For the sake of this recipe, we will do a 2 mg active ingredient per cookie.

Tools you will need: Digital scale that is set to grams, 5 ml + 1 ml plastic syringe, small round cookie cutter, mixing bowl with dough hook attachment, sheet pan with parchment paper, and a rolling pin.

For the peanut butter, buy an all-natural peanut butter that has no Xylitol sweetener. This can be poisonous to your pet and can cause seizures and liver failure.

Yield: Approx 5 dozen cookies

400 g              Wheat Flour                        

125 g              Oats                                                  

125 g              Peanut Butter                                          

420 g              Water                                               

80 g              Honey                                             

3.25 ml CBD Oil (500 mg 1 oz bottle) or 6.5 ml (500 mg 2 oz. bottle)    

7 g                Salt                                                    


  1. Put water, peanut butter, honey and salt in microwave proof bowl. Set on 1-2 minutes on high or until warm. Whisk to blend together. Add the CBD Oil and whisk again well to homogenize.
  2. Mix the what flour and the oats together and pour into mixing bowl that is fitted with a dough hook attachment.
  3. Add the wet to the dry until a ball forms.
  4. Preheat oven to 325*F
  5. Wrap and chill dough at least one hour to relax the dough.
  6. Lightly put the dough on a floured surface. Roll to about 1/4 inch thick.
  7. Make sure that the cookie cutter you use will yield an 18 g cookie. You may need to do a couple test cuts to check the weight.
  8. Place cookies on parchment lined sheet pans and bake for 45-50 minutes or until golden brown on the edges.
  9. Once cookies have fully cooled, store in an airtight container. You can also store this in the fridge for a longer shelf life.

Pro tip: You can leave the cookies in the oven overnight to continue the drying process as the oven starts to cool off. This will give you a longer shelf life.

During Covid-19 and shelter in place orders, we hope you and your family, including the dog enjoyed making this peanut butter dog treats recipe with CBD Oil! And–here’s another bonus recipe on video: How to Make Dog Treats with CBD Oil that will freshen up your dog’s breath.

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CBD Dog Treats Denver

Bark Avenue’s CBD dog treats Denver are made with whole food ingredients. We pride ourselves in safety and transparency with our dog treats manufacture. We deliver stellar customer service to our loyal online clientele. A Colorado proud company delivering to all 50 states.

Our CBD Dog Treat Products in Colorado

We are committed to the highest all-natural, quality ingredients that produce a great tasting product. We believe that dogs should enjoy food good enough for humans and deliver the best functionality and purpose.  That’s why we start with carefully selected ingredients from North America. We prepare our tasty morsels in small batches with no additives or artificial preservatives. And we use a Colorado fully integrated, full spectrum, organic hemp oil GMO-free grower and extractor with the strict standards and highest quality. All manufacturing is done in FDA approved facilities with complete license and certification documentation.

Our dog treat manufacturing plant also boasts an SQF 3 rating which is the highest certification for safe quality food. We spare no detail to ensure that we deliver our customers the safest and best tasting dog treats possible.

Bark Avenue Hemp Treats use a full spectrum CBD oil which ensures whole plant benefits for your pet. We provide third party oil testing results for our product for added safety and transparency. We test for potency, residual solvents, heavy metals, mycotoxins, pesticides and terpene profiles.

Best Tasting CBD Dog Biscuit Recipe Around

This family owned, small batch, Culinary Institute of America professional chef formulator prides itself on using whole food ingredients through sustainable sourcing. We believe in product transparency.  Our products are all-natural, chemical free, and cruelty free.  We invite you to read the ingredient labels on the back panel of our pouches. Each product purchased helps our local animal shelter. Made in the USA.

Our all-natural, artisanal baked products infused with full spectrum hemp oil. It is NOT medical cannabis and is non-psychoactive, and does not generate any “high”.

We stand behind our cannabis dog treat line and offer a 100% money back guarantee if your pet doesn’t not love our tasty product!

What do CBD dog treats do?

If your dog is dealing with arthritis, anxiety, seizures or other chronic illnesses, the this all natural treatment may be the perfect natural solution.

  • Seizures
  • Inflammation
  • GI problems
  • Anxiety/ Stress
  • Pain
  • Limping
  • End of Life Care
  • Arthritis
  • Cancer
  • Poor Appetite
  • Vomiting
  • Degenerative Joint DIsease
  • Hot Spots/ Skin & Coat


We utilize full spectrum oils. This ensures the inclusion of all the beneficial cannabinoid compounds associated with the medicinal properties of the complete plant. So your pet doesn’t miss out on any of the benefits, also known as the “Entourage Effect”.

CBD Dog Treat Recipes

Don’t forget to check out the video tab to make your own cannabis homemade dog treats. And make the best dog treats for bad breath! Or you can simply shop our store.

We manufacture a specialized, true double functional treat for large, extra large, or giant breeds. It not only offers the beneficial aspects of CBD oil, but is infused with a powerful glucosamine and chondroitin supplement all rolled into the CBD bone dog treats! We also offer a vegan CBD dog treats option. Feel free to zoom in on our whole food ingredients labels to pick the right one for you.

If you need help in dosing, we are standing by. Even if it isn’t for our products. We are your partners in pethood.

Giving Back to You

Bark Avenue Hemp Treats makes donations to Max Fund, a no kill shelter in Denver, and the Denver Animal Shelter. Each purchase supports the local animal shelters. The Chef/ Founder is also a volunteer SCUBA diver at the Downtown Denver Aquarium. She is also a chef instructor for Cooking Matters Colorado. This is part of the national No Kid Hungry Program, and a volunteer with the Retriever Rescue Organization of Colorado.

We are donating 12 FREE bags to senior rescue dogs. Just show us a copy of your adoption papers. Any dog over 8 years old qualifies. Are you a dog rescue near me? Ask us how we can help! We love seniors!

Try us today and help us give back more! A brighter future is built on a hand up, not a hand out.

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Dog Treat Recipes with CBD Oil

This dog treat recipes with CBD oil is not only all-natural, but healthy for your pup and with no artificial flavors, fillings or anything you and I don’t eat on a regular basis. The best part about this pumpkin dog treats recipe is that it not only is it a great way on how to treat a limping dog at home, but for when you cry out, “My dog’s breath stinks!”

Old age also is a large contributing factor to the bad breath of our dogs. Simply put, because we don’t brush our dog’s teeth everyday like we do. Nor do they gargle with mouthwash or floss daily. So, all these preventative human measure for clean oral hygiene is just not done on a daily basis for our pets. Our only recourse is to implement as many bad breath preventative measures that we can for the life of our pets.

This dog treat recipes is perfect for that dog won’t eat his food but will eat treat, and gives him the double functional aspect of helping them with the benefits of CBD and for his bad breath!

How Much CBD Oil Should I Give My Dog?

We recommend a starting point of 1-2 mg of CBD per ten pounds of dog. This depends heavily on his age, size and overall condition and the purpose that you are using it for. Unfortunately, there is no magic number set in stone number that works for everyone at all times. It will be a journey of trail and error, but our guidelines are a good place to start.

For instance, you have a 10-12 pound Shitzu who is 14 years old with terrible arthritis but no other issues. You may want to give him 1 treat per serving, three times a day to start, for about a week because you need to build up the levels in his system. You start to notice a positive change in his behavior since his pain levels have gone down. So now, you can then give him a treat twice a day and continue monitoring his behavior.

We suggest not less than a twice a day, and up to four times a day for the number of dosing sessions, so your pet can reap the healing benefit of the CBD oil and manage his pain levels.

If you went on a hike or long walk the day before and notice he is a bit achy like us humans can be at times, then give him an extra dose. It is important to constantly monitor your pet’s behavior because you know him best.

Eventually, you will figure out his sweet spot for how much and when he needs it. Best of all, when you make CBD dog treat recipes at home, you have full control of the dog treat recipes.

You will need the following tools:

Digital scale that measures in grams

1-5 ml Plastic Syringes – ask your vet or pharmacist for free or purchase online



Rolling Pin

Cookie Cutter

Baking Tray

Parchment Paper

Breath of Fresh Air – 2 milligram of CBD per treat Makes approx. 50 pieces

400 g Whole Wheat Flour

230 g Pumpkin Puree – NOT filling

2 Large Eggs

115 g of Apple – Grated

18 g of Mint Leaves – Fresh

9 g of Parsley

Lemon juice of half a lemon

6 ml CBD oil based on a 3000 mg 60 ml solution*

*to increase the milligram of CBD to 4 mg per treat, add 12 ml of oil, OR make sure to use a cookie cutter that will cut a 12-13 g dog treat and so forth.


  1. Add all wet ingredients to the mixing bowl with the paddle attachment. Combine.
  2. Switch to the dough hook attachment and add the flour.
  3. Mix until all the ingredients come together.
  4. Wrap in plastic wrap and let rest for 2 hours, overnight is better.
  5. Preheat oven to 350*F.
  6. Roll out dough onto floured surface and roll to ¼’ thickness.*
  7. Line a baking tray with parchment paper.
  8. Bake for 25-30 minutes until edges are golden brown.
  9. Cool completely or leave on counter overnight to further dry.
  10. Refrigerate in a re-sealable baggie.

*know your cutter and check with scale because this is imperative to knowing how much CBD you are giving your pet

You can watch the video How to Make Dog Treats with CBD Oil

We are a CBD dog treats Denver company that serves our customers nationwide. Call us for your private label CBD dog treats needs.