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COVID-19 and Your Pets

With the rapidly evolving and dynamic situation concerning COVID-19 and your pets, we want to re-iterate everyone’s safety, including your pets. At present with certain large cities like San Francisco, New York , Miami, and now Las Vegas, putting a lock down on bars, restaurants, theaters, and other large gathering activities, one of the safest things you can do for your family is to practice safe social isolation.  This invisible tsunami is about to overwhelm us from coast to coast. The case of an immediate one month nationwide quarantine has become clear. Here’s how to keep COVID-19 and your pets safe.

How to Prepare for COVID-19 and Your Pets

Try ordering all supplies through the internet and avoid going out of your house and congregating with others if at all possible. Another alternative is, order online from the grocery app. These pick-up services can help avoid the masses and close quarters. The health of your family depends on it–and your pets depend on you. As you gather supplies at local stores, do not forget your pets needs as well. For the older pets, just like yourself, ensure that they have all the medication, food, dog treats they need for the amount of supplies you have gathered for you and your family. Remember pets are family too. They are voiceless and count on you just as much as your family does you. We cannot stress this enough.

Thankfully for now, the post offices, parcel delivery services are still functioning for online orders, so we at Bark Avenue CBD can still do uninterrupted service directly to your home. Keep in mind some of us that use fulfillment centers to fill orders online, and there is the possibility of workers falling ill to this virus as well as others. Disruption is great a possibility throughout the supply chain. Plan for it. But as of now, this is not an issue.

If You Have to Go Out For Your Pet Supplies

However, if you have to go to the big box chains for your pet supplies, grab the same bag of dog food that you always feed them as a first choice. What to do if they are out of your brand, and you have to substitute another brand?  Make sure to slowly incorporate the new brand into the old, until you have switched to the new completely over a seven to ten-day period. And make sure that you have enough of this new brand to weather the COVID-19 storm. Don’t forget your mask and gloves, and you will want to wipe down the bag in your garage or outside your home to prevent bringing in the virus inside your home.

The Silver Lining For Your Pets

Despite all the gloom and doom, here are some fun, pick-me-up-low-risk-activities for COVID-19:

  • Walking your dog
  • Playing with your dog
  • Staring at your dog
  • Rubbing his belly
  • Telling him he’s a “good boy”
  • Feeding your dog treats
  • The Best: Taking a nap with your dog

Lastly, there have been rumors of a case where a dog tested for a weak positive of the coronavirus. This has been debunked. Since you and your pet cannot pass the coronavirus onto each other, then go ahead and give your pet as many kisses as you want! Now is the time to make it up to him for all the days that you have had to leave for work seeing that face as you walk out the door.

Therefore the clear winners in all of this is, our pets! Their gratitude and happiness for something that they are clueless about, is a huge boon for them. At present while we are all in this together, don’t let this silver lining in a dark cloud go to waste.