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Blog Talk Radio Live: CBD Dog Treats

Bark Avenue Hemp Treats Featured on Blog Talk Radio Live about CBD Dog Treats | Wooden Pants Network for the Unfrustrated Entrepreneur, April 14, 2017

Below are just some highlights of the entire blog talk. Some of the topics covered:

What is the main difference between hemp and cannabis?

Where did the idea come from to make healthy dog treat recipes with CBD?

What lessons has she learned in starting this business?

Where does Jennifer the edible hemp industry going?

What is Bark Avenue Hemp Treats’ purpose?

Hemp oil is known not to be the most palatable or great tasting. And– we all know what it is like to try to give a pet their medicine. Our main purpose is to start with healthy dog treat recipes, and produce a great tasting treat that are easy to feed without any animal push back. And we pride ourselves in creating the safest and best quality CBD dog treat on the market.

For instance, our manufacturing process is done in an SQF3 facility which is the highest food safety rating you can get.

What makes up your healthy dog treat recipes?

If you look at the ingredient panel on the back our our packaging, only whole food ingredients are listed. Items that you and I understand as ingredients that we consume daily. There are no added flavors or preservatives.

Some of our clients have even tried it for themselves and said it takes pretty good!

What hurdles has Jennifer encountered in starting her business?

I have never been to Colorado. I knew nothing about the cannabis industry. How does the cannabis operate? How do I grow my network? Where can I learn about this industry from zero? Where do I start? These were the fist and foremost hurdles I had to figure out.

Next was trying to understand Colorado Law and Federal Law. In the beginning there were no laws on CBD since no one knew what this was. Let alone try to find oil producers that produced the best quality oil you could get with the technology that was available.

The banking issue was another huge obstacle to explore and find constant solutions for. You can’t have a business with no payment structure in place. The laws were just constantly changing in the marijuana space but nothing really in effect for CBD. Of course, this all changed and it is still changing and evolving. It is a matter of trying to stay ahead of the curve. 

How important is marketing and trade shows in this industry?

Right now this is our main platform for educating the general public. As the industry grows and matures, then it won’t be so much about education but marketing.

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