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Blog Talk Radio Live: CBD Dog Treats

Bark Avenue Hemp Treats Featured on Blog Talk Radio Live about CBD Dog Treats | Wooden Pants Network for the Unfrustrated Entrepreneur, April 14, 2017

Below are just some highlights of the entire blog talk. Some of the topics covered:

What is the main difference between hemp and cannabis?

Where did the idea come from to make healthy dog treat recipes with CBD?

What lessons has she learned in starting this business?

Where does Jennifer the edible hemp industry going?

What is Bark Avenue Hemp Treats’ purpose?

Hemp oil is known not to be the most palatable or great tasting. And– we all know what it is like to try to give a pet their medicine. Our main purpose is to start with healthy dog treat recipes, and produce a great tasting treat that are easy to feed without any animal push back. And we pride ourselves in creating the safest and best quality CBD dog treat on the market.

For instance, our manufacturing process is done in an SQF3 facility which is the highest food safety rating you can get.

What makes up your healthy dog treat recipes?

If you look at the ingredient panel on the back our our packaging, only whole food ingredients are listed. Items that you and I understand as ingredients that we consume daily. There are no added flavors or preservatives.

Some of our clients have even tried it for themselves and said it takes pretty good!

What hurdles has Jennifer encountered in starting her business?

I have never been to Colorado. I knew nothing about the cannabis industry. How does the cannabis operate? How do I grow my network? Where can I learn about this industry from zero? Where do I start? These were the fist and foremost hurdles I had to figure out.

Next was trying to understand Colorado Law and Federal Law. In the beginning there were no laws on CBD since no one knew what this was. Let alone try to find oil producers that produced the best quality oil you could get with the technology that was available.

The banking issue was another huge obstacle to explore and find constant solutions for. You can’t have a business with no payment structure in place. The laws were just constantly changing in the marijuana space but nothing really in effect for CBD. Of course, this all changed and it is still changing and evolving. It is a matter of trying to stay ahead of the curve. 

How important is marketing and trade shows in this industry?

Right now this is our main platform for educating the general public. As the industry grows and matures, then it won’t be so much about education but marketing.

Listen to learn more. Or feel free to drop us a line at

To listen/download on Blog Talk Radio:


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CBD DOG TREATS: The Newest Trend in Canine Medicine?

  • What is CBD?
  • CBD Oil Benefits
  • Bark Avenue CBD Dog Treats
  • CBD for Dogs- Good or Bad?  

Owners will do anything to ensure the happiness and health of their pets. In today’s pet market, treats infused with cannabis are helping sick pets deal with their chronic pain. Is CBD dog treats the newest trend in Canine Medicine?

Vets won’t be prescribing weed anytime soon. But the marijuana market has expanded to include patients of the canine variety. There has been success with medical cannabis on cancer patients with chronic illnesses. This has led people to believe that weed products can provide the same relief to their pets. The cannabis compound known as CBD offers health benefits found in medical marijuana, without the side effects. CBD dog treats can provide relief from illnesses that limit mobility, lower energy levels and cause overall discomfort. Denver-based Bark Avenue Hemp Treats is one of the many companies that has entered the CBD pet market by creating a line of specialized dog treats. They believe that the restorative powers of the CBD will work just as well for dogs, as it does for humans.

What is CBD?

CBD and THC are the primary compounds found in the cannabis plant. THC is the highest occurring compound, and it generates the “buzz”. On the other end of the spectrum is CBD. CBD is not a psychoactive stimulus. Therefore it does not get you “high”. Instead, it provides calm and pain relief without the heady effects.

CBD tinctures, and edibles have become popular treatment options for humans and pets because of the small doses of THC. Albeit a let down to recreational cannabis users. It is this unique feature of CBD is what makes it an appealing remedy.

CBD works by binding to the receptors within your body that make up the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS regulates appetite, pain-sensation, mood, and memory. Both humans and dogs have this similar internal natural system. These specific receptors are primarily located in the brain, central nervous system, organs, and immune cells. Simply put, the CBD compound interacts naturally with the immune and nervous systems.  Hence, both humans and dogs benefit from the calming and relaxing benefits of cannabis therapy.

CBD Oil Benefits

There are many reasons people are seeking out CBD treats for their dogs, from managing painful post-op care to dealing with weak bones. CBD is proving the relief that these pups need, without all the side effects of medications. Products made with CBD extracts have opened up a whole new channel for pet parents who want to explore more natural remedies.

CBD oil can be made into a variety of treatment options. Products taken orally such as tinctures, edibles, or oils. Topical creams and salves provide localized relief for animals with dry cracked noses and paws.  Products infused with CBD oil have been shown to provide relief for a broad range of ailments and symptoms, including, not but limited to:

Arthritis in Dogs

Achy joints, arthritis, or other illnesses can cause our pets to want to slow down. CBD treats can alleviate these joint pains and have them moving around again. The compound in CBD is a potent pain reliever because of its anti-inflammatory properties. It doesn’t just mask the pain, but it helps soothe chronic pain that prevents the body from healing properly.Arthritis in Dogs

Dog Anxiety

The calming effects of CBD work well with dogs who struggle with separation anxiety, depression, and noise phobias. Dogs who experience severe separation anxiety are often depressed or anxious. When their guardians leave them alone, it may result in disruptive and destructive behaviors. Examples include drooling, urinating, barking, chewing on objects and pacing. People have given CBD dog treats to their pets during high-stress situations (i.e. home alone, thunderstorms or fireworks) to help them relax and get through the particular stressor.

Calming hemp snacks

Loss of appetite

Many dog owners have used CBD treats to boost appetite and reduce nausea in dogs that won’t eat. CBD is sensitive enough to ease digestive issues while providing the necessary pain relief. This is perfect for the dog-won’t-eat-his-food-but-will-eat-treats scenario.

what does CBD do for dogs

Anti-Inflammatory agent for dogs

CBD interacts with receptors in the brain, and central nervous system. It also cooperates with organs and acts as a calming immune-boosting agent. Some veterinarians have even used CBD hemp products as an anti-inflammatory medication to assist during post-operative care.

anti-inflammatory CBD

Aggressive behavior

CBD-infused products can help with minimizing aggressive behaviors and stress disorders. It can helping calm down a dog who struggles with controlling their temper.calming hemp snacks for Angry dog

Dog seizures

One CBD remedy that surprises many pet owners that it is used to treat dogs who suffer from seizures. Products with high levels of CBD can help manage seizures due to epilepsy or other genetic disorders. There have been numerous cases of cannabis managing and reducing the frequency of seizures in humans and animals.

what causes seizures in dogs

Cancer Pain

Cannabis products help mitigate some of the symptoms associated with cancer such as nausea, loss of appetite, or chronic pain. No owner wants to see their pet deal with the side effects that come with a cancer diagnosis. Pet parents are seeing great results with CBD products because it’s helping their pets feel more comfortable during these difficult times.

CBD-infused pet products give dog owners a choice instead of conventional drugs. Giving smaller doses of CBD, instead of regular pet medications, can lessen the side effects that may occur with larger doses of traditional medicines. “Owners just want their pets to be happy,” Jennifer told SimpleWag in a phone interview. “For older animals, these treats make them comfortable, and it takes a bit of the edge off.”

Bark Avenue CBD Dog Treats

Jennifer Chiongbian, Bark Avenue CBD Dog Treats CEO, with her impressive culinary skills and passion for animals created a brand dedicated to making high quality functional treats.  Jennifer’s CBD Dog Treats is the first formula specially designed for larger breeds that combine CBD and hip-joint relief properties into one product. Her CBD dog treats are made in an SQF3 manufacturing with the highest safety and food quality standards.

As a lifelong pet owner, she has formed a pretty good idea of what dogs can and cannot eat. Jennifer uses human grade ingredients with no additives or preservatives for all her Bark Avenue CBD Dog Treats. She understands the importance pet owners place on feeding their dogs all-natural, high-quality treats. She also consulted a qualified veterinarian to make sure she was creating a wholesome, well-balanced dog treat.

All her CBD oils from reputable sources that conduct third party testing to ensure the THC and CBD levels are appropriate for pets. Bark Avenue’s CBD oils are tested for cannabinoid potency, pesticides, heavy metals, bacterial content and mycotoxins (mold).

CBD for Dogs- Good or Bad?

CBD products are a safe, alternative for pet parents who want more transparent treatment options for their four-legged family member. Jennifer believes that the level of openness to cannabis-based products depends on the general social environment. Take for example Colorado, the mecca of the U.S. cannabis industry, therefore people are more open to treating their dogs with CBD products. Many individuals who use cannabis-based products for their pain management know the benefits and are keen on sharing it with their dogs. “Why can’t my dog get to experience the same benefits I do?”

On the other hand, some of her old colleagues in New York prefer to use more traditional pet medicine, refusing even to try Jennifer’s Bark Avenue treats.

Bark Avenue Hemp Treats caters locally to nationwide and . However, with a planned expansion later this year, she plans to take full advantage of the expanding CBD dog treat market.

CBD Reviews

Here are some Bark Avenue Hemp treat customer’s testimonials. The majority of the responses she has received have been positive and appreciative. Most pet owners claim that her CBD products have significantly improved the quality of life and mobility of their pet. A happy customer commented, “Love this product! I have a ten-year-old dachshund with a leg birth defect. I tried this product, and I noticed the difference in him being able to navigate the stairs much more easily. Also noticed a spring in his step. And loves to beg for more.”

Another customer, Candy, shared her positive experience with Bark Avenue CBD Dog Treats and how it reduced her aging dog’s painful symptoms, “These CBD treats are great! My dog is doing so much better..He is an old dog, and I would like him to be as comfortable as possible, and this is the only thing that is helping him.”

While Erica, another satisfied customer, uses the CBD-infused treats for both of her dogs. “I have a medium sized Poodle and a Siberian husky.  They go absolutely nuts for these treats. They love every flavor! My poodle has the tendency to bark at the wind, and these treats have a nice, calming effect with him. Both dogs don’t exhibit any digestive issues, which is great because my poodle has a sensitive stomach. Such an incredible value with so many benefits!”


Bark Avenue’s CBD Dog Treats have provided comfort and relief to hundreds of dogs and their owners. They saw a need for all-natural CBD dog treats and filled it.  This was also a chance to provide pet parents an alternative pain management option. However, even with all the success stories, the lack of proper research is a big concern for both vets and pet parents. Cannabis remains a Schedule I drug in the US, and that’s why veterinarians are hesitant to prescribe any cannabis-based medicine. This will change in the very near future. It will take at least half a decade to see any promising scientific advancement regarding medicinal cannabinoid use for pets.

Until then, people will continue to rely on the testimonials of dog owners who have tried these products. “Dogs can’t talk, but humans can,” Jennifer says. Pet owners are very sensitive to the body language of their pets, and know if something is awry.

Cannabis medicine will continue to develop. What people need now is assurance that the effects of the cannabis products will not harm their pets. The important thing is to understand is the promising medicinal benefits CBD can provide pets. As Jennifer points out, “The good thing is when you’re educating people you’re ahead of the curve. But you have to do your due diligence.”

Cannabis is not going away anytime soon. Therefore, pet owners should consider all sides of the issue when thinking about giving CBD products to their pets.

Are CBD dog treats right for your canine? Let us know what you think!

Jennifer Chiongbian is the founder and CEO of Bark Avenue CBD Dog Treats, based in Denver, CO.  You can find her hanging out with her rescue dog, Scarlett. She volunteers for Retriever Rescue Organization of Colorado and as a diver at the Downtown Denver Aquarium.  She is also a lead instructor for Cooking Matters Colorado, part of the No Kids Kids Go Hungry campaign. Jennifer is a Culinary Institute of America graduate with extensive experience working at luxury resorts, restaurants, and various management positions.

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CBD Peanut Butter Dog Treats Recipe: Gourmet, All-Natural

CBD peanut butter dog treats for dogs are for our pets that are family. So we need to care for them like we would any other member. That’s where these PAWsome, all-natural, gourmet CBD peanut butter dog treats by Bark Avenue comes in.


CBD is also known as Cannbidiol. Many people have heard of THC, which is the chemical in Marijuana that gets the user “high.” However now, CBD is coming to the forefront because of its medicinal properties, without the effect of THC. CBD helps with nausea and pain. It’s anti-convulsive, anti-depressant, anti-psychotic, and anti-inflammatory. Because of this, its uses are endless. It not only benefits humans, but many pet owners are turning to CBD to help their fur babies too.


Fido’s chef is a trained pastry chef with over ten years of experience from working in luxury hotels to casinos. She has always been very compassionate towards animals. Having moved from New York to Denver, her company saw a need for a different type of pet care, and developed their all natural, wellness line of CBD Peanut Butter Treats for dogs.

Their dog treat recipes are manufactured in an SQF3 facility made with the highest food safety and quality standards for maximum pet safety.


These treats are the perfect size for small to medium dog. Each treat contains two to five milligrams of human grade CBD. The makers recommend one milligram, for every ten pounds of dog weight. Each bag contains 20 yummy treats for the small medium breed. Super Saver 6 packs available.


Sized perfectly for larger dog breeds, these tasty treats are sure to please your fur baby! Each treat includes five milligrams of human grade CBD. The recommended dosage for larger dogs is one treat for every forty to fifty pounds of dog weight. Each bag contains fifteen treats.


The variations you can choose from are:

  • Peanut butter for both large and small breed
  • Hip & Joint Formula- These dog treats combine 5 milligrams of CBD, and 300 milligrams of glucosamine and 110 mg of chondrointin per treat. The glucosamine and chondrointin is vital for hip and joint health, while the CBD will offer pain relief. The best dog treat recipes for a true double functional dog treat!


To get your PAWsome pet some of these fantastic, gourmet CBD treats for the holiday, just head to the Bark Avenue Hemp Treats website.

Make your own CBD diy dog treats with this video.

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